• One of the best performing LED lights we have used. Very high build quality, Have had one of these guys units in the veg chamber since 2009.

    Congrats Washington State & Colorado!


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Pro Grow LED® Series



Latest Product Improvements & News:




We would like to welcome the arrival of the Pro Grow LED® 260 Modular.


Pro Grow LED® series supplemental system arriving in October.


All Pro Grow LED® models now feature Natural Full Spectrum flowering mode. Our latest chips feature double the par values and luminous efficiency.


Two heavy duty, 75 lb (150 lb pair) retractable hangers now included with each Pro Grow LED® system. Featuring steel mechanics these hangers will last you for years.












Hydroponics Hut LLC is proud to present our Pro Grow LED® series for 2014. Our latest generation of indoor grow lighting includes solutions for gardens of all sizes.


The Pro Grow LED® lineup features the highest quality components available today. Since our inception we have used only the finest quality, most reliable diodes available on the market. We can assure you that our lighting is built to exacting, professional standards.


Our technology will produce excellent results for years for your environment. Each Pro Grow LED® unit sold is backed by our worldwide warranty service. We have had units in the field throughout the world for multiple years (6+) and never stop improving in terms of product reliability and efficiency.


As a company we have developed several of the technologies which are widespread in the industry today. As pioneers in the LED grow lighting field our only goal as a company is in the advancement of this industry.


We believe the results our technology provides your enviornment speaks for itself. Regardless of if you´re a hydroponic grower or you prefer to grow your plants in a soil medium our units will perform spectacularly for your indoor environment. Our technology was designed to accommodate any type of indoor setup with ease.


With satisfied customers located throughout the world we can assure you that our technology does everything we claim and more.


We invite you to experience the worlds most energy efficient indoor grow line for yourself. Please feel free to view our products in use by real growers through YouTube and other leading industry websites.