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  • Pro Grow 1000 COB (Selective Switch)
    Pro Grow 1000 COB

    (Selective Switch)

  • Pro Grow 550 COB (Selective Switch)
    Pro Grow 550 COB

    (Selective Switch)

  • Pro Grow 280 COB (Selective Switch)
    Pro Grow 280 COB

    (Selective Switch)

  • Pro Grow 350 COB (SS + Dimmer)
    Pro Grow 350 COB

    (SS + Dimmer)


  • Client’s Testimonials

    "What a great company to work with. All my questions were answered quickly and my plants are thrilled with the new lamp. I highly recommend the folks at Hydroponics Hut” CA

    ~ Steve B, Venice
  • Client’s Testimonials

    One of the best performing LED lights we have used. Very high build quality, Have had one of these guys units in the veg chamber since 2009. Congrats Washington State & Colorado!

    ~ The Oregonian
  • Client’s Testimonials

    I bought the Pro Grow 400 nearly 2 years ago and the light has performed flawlessly. This thing is a cinch to operate and energy savings are great especially in the vegetation mode vs my old 400w HPS. Very satisfied customer.

    ~ Jake in P.E.I
  • Client’s Testimonials

    "Did not believe in LED technology before I tried your companies products. We no longer have to worry about heat stress. We were wrong. They work".

    ~ Smitty, PA
  • Client’s Testimonials

    The Pro Grow 260 has done everything my old 250w HID system did and then some. I was always having problems with heat increasing in my room however there is no problem with that now. Thank you for a good product.

    ~ Eugenio, Ann Arbor

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