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Pro Grow 260 (Selective Switch)




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Pro Grow LED® (PG260)




Complete LED Grow System featuring UV + IR




Full 3-watt H.O. chipset





With our latest generation Pro Grow LED® 260 we have refined yet again what we believe to be the perfect blend of size, power and performance for the small to intermediate sized home garden.


Providing coverage for up to a 3' x 3' space the PG260 is perfectly suited for a wide variety of indoor environments. The PG260 has been refined over multiple years to provide ultra-reliable operation and fantastic results for indoor gardeners of any skill level.




The Pro Grow LED® 260 panel is simply fantastic for flowering. This unit has been tested head to head with a HID (High Pressure Sodium) system and has provided proven results to indoor gardeners for years.


For over 6 years Hydroponics Hut LLC has strived to offer gardeners the highest quality products available. With our latest version we have increased product performance even further making the PG260 one of the most economical and efficient indoor grow lighting solutions on the market today.


There are numerous benefits to growing with Pro Grow LED® technology, including:


  • Pro Grow LED® models consume 1/3 the power of HID for huge electrical savings.
  • Shipped to USA customers FROM THE USA. Zero additional shipping expenses necessary.
  • The finest build quality on the market today. Our units are built to professional standards.
  • Enhanced dual core, Double plated aluminum heat sink design.
  • Warm to the touch ~ Our units won't burn your plants.
  • All Pro Grow LED® units can be used for either hydroponic or soil environments. Our units produce fantastic results regardless of your gardening preference.
  • No ballasts or reflectors needed.
  • Select Pro Grow LED® models feature the ability to link via series connection.
  • Zero thermal image produced.
  • Simple transition between vegetative, flower and full spectrum modes with the flick of a switch.
  • Advanced cooling system using ball bearing fans for ultimate reliabilty and cooling.
  • 50,000 hours of grow time. Our units last over 6 times that of HID.
  • Environmentally green product. No HID toxins.
  • Safe and easy to operate.
  • Multiple hanging options. All Pro Grow LED® units feature built in hanging systems + two 75 lb adjustable, ratchet style hanging systems are now included with each unit.







Pro Grow LED® (PG260) Product Specifications:



Dimensions: 15" long x 8.25" wide x 3¨ deep 


Power Consumption: 195w (full output mode)


Full spectrum flowering addition for fantastic yields. (May 2014 revision)


MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Board) for the best heat dissapation available (March 2014 revision)


Cord Length: 5 ft (1.55 meters)


Two heavy duty, 75 pound adjustable hanging systems included FREE with each order!


Ability to link up to 4 units via onboard series connection (linking cable(s) included with all multi-unit purchases)


Operates on both 110v - 220v power configurations on the go. EU, UK and North American power configurations compatible.


Detachable power cable. Operate your Pro Grow LED® on any power confirguration in the world, Simply change the power cable.


International plugs included with all models based upon buyer location.


Weight: 10 lbs



All Pro Grow LED® models include 3 year world-wide warranty coverage. 





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