Pro Grow 400

  • Pro Grow 400 (Selective Switch)
  • Pro Grow 400 (Selective Switch)
Pro Grow 400 (Selective Switch)

Pro Grow 400 (Selective Switch)

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Pro Grow LED® (PG400)


2015 Complete LED Grow System featuring UV + IR


Selective Switch Control Standard. 


Full 3-Watt H.O. chip-set. Selective Switching Spectra Control

With our latest Pro Grow LED® 400 revision we have achieved what we believe to be the perfect blend of size, power and performance for the intermediate sized home garden.

The Pro Grow LED® 400 panel provides an extremely wide coverage area while simply sipping electricity. Even while operating under full illumination mode you will hardly notice it's monthly operational cost in comparison to wasteful technologies such as HPS and MH.

Each and every Pro Grow LED® panel is engineered to be amongst the most energy efficient models available on the market today.

Vegetable growers will be pleased with this units ability to produce beautiful rare strain tomatoes and their favorite herbs with ease.

The entire Pro Grow LED® panel series have been tested head to head against respective HID (High Pressure Sodium) systems, producing results fanstastic enough for our clients to be featured in national publications.

The Pro Grow LED® 400 offers more power, better build quality, and superior performance when compared to units costing hundreds of dollars more. Designed for indoor environments of up to 3' x 4' the PG400 is a flawless performer offering fantastic reliability.

As one of the first companies in the world to manufacture and distribute this technology we understand that price as well as product quality are of utmost concern to many whom rely on our technology for their indoor growing needs.

Click HERE for a grow journal featuring the Pro Grow LED® PG400.

There are numerous benefits to growing with Pro Grow LED® technology, including:

  • Pro Grow LED® models consume 1/3 the power of HID for huge electrical savings.

  • Over 5 years of consecutive 24/7 use possible.

  • Shipped to USA customers FROM THE USA. Zero additional delivery fees required.

  • Warm to the touch ~ Pro Grow models will never burn your plants.

  • All Pro Grow LED® models can be used within hydroponic or soil environments. Our units produce fantastic results regardless of your growing preference.

  • Discreet. Zero thermal image produced.

  • No ballasts or reflectors needed.

  • Simple transition between vegetative, flower and full spectrum modes with the flick of a switch.

  • Our exclusive Selective Switching system will save you even more money over time.

  • Advanced cooling system for increased reliability and noise dissapation.

  • Over 50,000 hours of grow time. Pro Grow LED® models last over 6 times that of HID.

  • Environmentally green product and company. No HID toxins are used in the manufacture of our technology.

  • Safe and easy to operate.

  • Multiple suspension options. Each Pro Grow LED® unit features a built in wire suspension system + two heavy duty, 75 pound ratchet style suspension systems are now included with each unit.




Pro Grow LED® (PG400) Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 19" long x 12.5" wide x 3" deep

  • Power Consumption: 250w (full spectrum mode)

  • Pro Grow LED® Ultra Grow Technology Addition (May 2014 Revision)

  • MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Board) for the best heat dissipation available.

  • Up to 3 x PG400 units can be linked using one power cable. Series connection cable(s) included with each multiple unit purchase.

  • Cord Length: 5 ft (1.55 meters)

  • 2 x heavy duty, adjustable suspension systems included FREE with all Pro Grow LED® orders!

  • World-Wide Voltage: 110V North American ~ 240v European

  • Detachable Power Cord. All Pro Grow LED models can run on any power configuration, anywhere in the world. Simply change the power cord.

  • International plugs included with all models based upon buyer location.

  • Weight: 19 lbs


Every Pro Grow LED® model includes 3 year world-wide warranty service.


Customer Reviews

Review by Daniel
I bought one of these nearly two years ago.Within the first 48 hours after setting it up I noticed a huge difference.Since then it has been running everyday without a single problem.Very budget friendly to rurun.With that being said I just ordered a 2nd one.Outstanding quality.Well done Hydro-Hut! (Posted on 11/18/2015)
Review by Ledarious
I bought one of these nearly two years ago and looking to buy a second one.From the very first days after setting it up,the Pro Grow 400 has proven it's worth.Within 48 hrs. after turning it on there was noticeable new growth and vigor.It has been running everyday since,without a single incident.Covers a 3x3 area perfectly with excellent results,two thumbs up! (Posted on 11/16/2015)
Review by Jim Park
I tried to go between cost and effectiveness. This is a really good product. I put half my tomatoes under the light and the other half in my greenhouse. The ones under the light were so much further ahead this spring. The stalks were thick and very healthy. I left my "other" plants in my tent and switched to flower mode and they just exploded! This is one powerful light. I asked a few questions about using the different modes and Ashley was so helpful. Delivery was less time than quoted and the light was more than expected. I am already looking at upgrading to my next light. I am not at all unhappy with my purchase. (Posted on 5/14/2014)
Review by ERIC SF
Frankly amazed. Don't put these lamps as close as you used to put the HID, they will burn leaves and from farther away. This lamp rocks, saving beaucoup bucks on electricity, things run cooler and are far safer, and growth is fast and furious. The future beckons right now, my friends, and that future is Pro-Grow LED lights. An extremely happy customer, prompt efficient service and a great product~ what more could you ask for? (Posted on 2/25/2014)
Review by Antonio V.
Good results so far in my 3 x 3. very solid construction. I dropped the light accidently from 3 feet onto tile and it kept on tickin like a watch with only a few paint flecks missing.

(Posted on 5/24/2013)
Review by Jim **NJ**
Received the unit today and am extremely happy with the product quality at first glance. Using the unit in a 3 x 4 space and have bright coverage. I appreciate not being up-sold especially in this economy, I originally wanted to go with 550 but they recommended the 400. A+ job. (Posted on 2/23/2013)
Review by iffy
I used this unit --- which was shipped super fast and well-packed --- from seedling to harvest on a 150 day grow in a 3x3 for various strains. It delivered top-knotch world-class results, with no problems whatsover. This thing was a beast, surviving a brief power outage and surge, and a varied light on/off schedule. Bright, powerful, and solid. The customer service was awesome when I had a question. Recommended. (Posted on 2/7/2013)
Review by Harley, Steamboat Springs
I tried 3 other LED manufacturer/suppliers before Hydroponics Hut and there´s nothing for the price and quality of product produced that´s better than the 400. High praise indeed. Well worth investment, had unit for nearly eight months now with not a hiccup in a 4´ x 4´ (Posted on 11/24/2012)
Review by Dondatta
After wading through the seas of bullshit out there regarding this technology I decided upon the 400 model. Out the box this unit performs well, growth is currently exploding. Fast delivery to east coast. Wish I would have found this company a few years and a few bucks wasted ago. (Posted on 7/28/2012)
Review by Jim (SanDiego)
My light arrived today and works perfectly. shipping time was good and packaging protected light very well. intensity is very, very bright and it appears to give off little heat in my 4 x 4.

I might add I´m VERY happy I found this company as I was about to pay hundreds more through another manufacturer for a similar unit. Prices were all over the place when it came to research for this purchase and these guys offered the best value by a long ways. Very recommended.

(Posted on 5/22/2012)
Review by Scott TX
Did not believe the hype I read originally. This light works great, solid build and did not cost an arm and a leg. Great fit in my 3 x 3 tent. I would purchase again in the future. (Posted on 5/2/2012)
Review by Mezcla
Does exactly what the people say. USA to MEX in 14 days.

(Posted on 4/14/2012)
Review by Manny
You can definitely tell the unit is on however this unit produces so far = to my 600w will trans to 12/12 for flower to see what it can do. scrog looking to produce very good results with this light if flower is as to be as expected. recommended so far. (Posted on 2/16/2012)
Review by Roger
This lamp would fall under the category of one of those purchases your "skeptical" about but end up being one of the best investments ever. Nothing bad to say about the company as my contact has been brief. This is a very high quality machine. Thank you.

(Posted on 2/14/2012)
Review by Cynthia in Steamboat Springs
CHRISTMAS CAME EARLY! I opened the box and was greeted by a beautiful light. I will be using this with 8 of my girls and will let you know. Thanks for the suggestion of the light mover, it will be my next purchase. Nice people here, will be back for more! (Posted on 12/12/2011)
Review by Jen (YMCMB)
Very nice unit for the money. I will be testing this unit versus my 357 magnum which I paid more for. Honestly I'm starting to feel a bit ripped off by my previous vendor at the moment if results are good. your unit appears every bit as well constructed and less $ hopefully the results are good, if so I will be back! (Posted on 12/5/2011)
Review by Boombaklot
Very solid build, very bright, great wavelength plants are loving the new light (Posted on 12/1/2011)
Review by Sherubz
Bought two units to link together. Early veg lights working well and coverage area very good. Very happy with these so far. (Posted on 11/23/2011)
Review by ---Westies---
Light looks like a winner. Did HUGE research prior to purchase and this unit was a good price. very well built, solid feeling. look forward to results. (Posted on 11/21/2011)
Review by Sara (oakland)
Have been using this unit for a week now. It's a very well made product and plants are very happy with the light. So far so good! (Posted on 11/3/2011)

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